Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can we know if registered Driver is active and can enter MICT?
   - Driver will receive an SMS notification that his registration is confirmed.
For new Drivers, they will need to complete biometrics. Details will be provided via SMS.

2. Will there be an issuance of ID?
   - As of now, there will be no issuance of ID.

3. What do we need to bring to enter MICT?
   - No ID or Pass is needed, your fingerprint will be scanned to check if you are registered and allowed to enter.

4. Where is the Orientation?
   - Orientation will be online, link will be sent to your email address 2 hours prior to your schedule.

5. We did not receive any link for orientation.
   - You can email ICTSI customer care at

6. We did not receive any SMS during registration of driver.
   - You can call our MICT Pass Help desk through the numbers below
     (+63) 919 056 0700 or 02-8424-5320

Contact us

Customer Service Hotline:
(+63) 919 056 0700